NA SERVER ONLY: You must be or have accounts in the Free Fire North American server. This competition and its rewards are only available to the North American Free Fire region (NOT UNITED STATES REGION).

ENTRY DEADLINE: All Predictions must be submitted BEFORE 5 PM EASTERN TIME on April 1st. Any Submissions after that will not be counted or eligible for points or prizing.

NO DUPLICATE ENTRIES: One Entry per Person, no duplicate entries are allowed and we will remove / disqualify all predictions. This will disqualify you from any prizing or future participation.

FINAL SUBMISSION: Once you hit submit, your submission is final and locked in. Once you have submitted, you can't change your picks. Choose wisely!

NICKNAMES: Use a Valid and Community Friendly Nickname that Represents You! Bad or Invalid Names will be Disqualified and removed.

PENDING CONFIRMATION: We have the right to revoke your prize at ANY time if your submission is found to infringe on any of the Pick'em Rules or Terms of Service.

TIEBREAKERS: In the case of any ties where multiple predictions have the same amount of points, positioning will be decided by the Prediction Timestamp with the prediction that was submitted first winning over the more recent prediction. Get your predictions submitted as soon as possible to win in a tiebreaker scenario.

GARENA, FFPS NA, or TORCHPROD reserve the right to change or decline prizing for participation or to participants in this Competition for any reason.

Point System

Points will be awarded based on overall accuracy (how many total predictions you get correct) and which positions you get correct multiplied by each other. This assures that all correct predictions are counted and overall accuracy acts as a multiplier.

For example:

Predicting correctly the 1st place team and the 12th place team (2 correct predictions total) would result in a total of 28 points.

  • 13 points x 2 correct predictions
  • 1 point x 2 correct predictions

Below is an example table of what each correct position prediction would get you multiplied by the total number of correct predictions.


13 * N


10 * N


9 * N


8 * N


7 * N


6 * N


5 * N


4 * N


3 * N


2 * N


1 * N


1 * N

(Where N is # of total guesses correctly)


Prizing will be awarded based on Final Rankings of Points Earned for Predictions!

Check back after the Grand Finals to see how well you did and how many points you earned. You can also see the Overall & Celebrity Leaderboards to see how well you stack up to the rest of the Community!

For more information on prizing, please refer to the @FreeFire_NA Twitter Account.

1st Reward Tier (1st Place)

  • 5x Room Cards
  • 10x Craftland Room Cards
  • 1x Magic Cube

2nd Reward Tier (2nd - 10th Place)

  • 3x Room Cards
  • 4x Craftland Room Cards
  • 4x of Each Voucher

3rd Reward Tier (11th - 20th Place)

  • 4x Craftland Room Cards
  • 3x of Each Voucher